Offering the broadest range of specialist cakes for every conceivable occasion


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Offering the broadest possible range of specialist cakes for every conceivable occasion.


The business was founded on the principles of using the finest ingredients with products baked fresh daily. Our products are not mass-produced, but require a high level of skill and craft to create confectionery of such high standard. Our original recipes developed in the '70s are still used unchanged today.


Whether you are celebrating an important anniversary, birthday, a company gathering, or a wedding, Marguerites Bakery will produce a cake made to your specific requirements.

Testimonials from satisfied customers

“Hi Richard I and all those with me were very impressed by your food last night. Everything was top class, well done!”


“Hi Richard Thank you for all your help during funeral. It was so good to have someone who could anticipate all our needs in the catering line – making everything run so smoothly."

Thanks again,


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